hansonwriter: Hey, are you still doing commissions?

No, it’s closed for now. Sorry ;v;

My Candy Love - Alexy & Armin

I drawn this a long time ago already, but I’m too lazy to color it now.

Sorry ! ( = p=)

If you want to color it, just ask me first and credit me ♥

Then give me the link of your work ! I want to see it !

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"The Legend of Mermaid" by KPLA ( 66 plays )

My cover of the Legend of Mermaid from Mermaid Melody a cappella.

I sung it everyday since its first diffusion on TV in Japan (I was still in junior high school at that time *nostalgiiiiic*). So I wanted to cover it ~

It’s really my voice so don’t be surprised.

You can notice it by listening the original 

For more, visit my YouTube channel :


Magi the labyrinth of magic - JUDAL (female ver.)

For a friend’s cosplay.

OC - RUU (16 years old, 166 cm, sky pirate, dead)

For a french RP group on DeviantART called Nergens.

The blond called Bart (Scaah’s OC 》》http://scaahandco.deviantart.com/) is about to rape my poor little ginger !!! //shot/

My Candy Love - Castial & Candy

Commission for an event *v*

ENIRU (Noru-chan’s OC 》》http://noru-chan.tumblr.com/)

Gift for her birthday ♥

This is a personal selection of my artworks about DOGS-PROJECT109 (French RP group on DeviantART) Q//A//Q

All these characters are originals, so do not copy please !

OC, KPLA - Cappella

My voice avatar ♥ (do not copy please or I will be very EVIL )

Drawn with my finger on the pad ~ I’m just too crazy !

Drawn with my finger on the pad ~ I’m just too crazy !

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01. DMMd Anime OP
02. DMMd Anime ED
03. Ao Haru Ride OP
04. Kuroshitsuji ~ Book of Circus OP
05. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP